A Magic Story

A real magic story began to unfold with a young boy just 10 years old.   Philip’s cousin Marty and his parents would come over to Philip’s home for a weekly game of bridge.  Before each game, Marty would show Philip some magic tricks. These weekly encounters sparked a childhood passion for performing magic that would last throughout Philip’s  life.

As a teenager, he would take a bus and a train to get to Louis Tannen’s Magic Shop in the heart of New York City every weekend. This was and still is the place where amateurs and professionals alike get together to hone their magic skills.

Philip, at the young age of 17, became one of the youngest professional magicians in the tri-state area. Eventually Philip was hired by the Westchester County Parks and Recreation Department to perform his magic show around the county for parks and camps every summer.  Just as his cousin did to him years ago, Philip still continues to astound young and old alike at events all over the New York Metropolitan Area.

Philip Klipper is one of the top-rated Corporate Entertainment Magic Performers available for bookings in New York.


Join the many corporations that have engaged him for their trade shows, sales meetings, hospitality suites, award dinners and other corporate venues.

Philip Klipper’s Magic has drawn crowds to the booths of many Fortune 500 Companies around the country. He’s your solution to getting your message across to attendees at trade shows. He has a clever formula. He applies his degree in Marketing by customizing his unsurpassed sleight-of-hand, punctuated by his unique brand of comedy, resulting in a breathtaking performance. Thus, the experience is not only a magical one, but a memorable one as well. He simply mesmerizes audiences worldwide.

Philip Klipper always delivers a presentation custom tailored for your clientele. That’s why he’s guaranteed to attract tremendous crowds (as well as leads) to your trade show booth too. No matter what the situation, Philip Klipper’s Magic will definitely enhance your next event.

Call Philip Klipper now to discuss your needs and put his many years of experience to work for you. Leave a long- lasting impression with your current (and future) clientele – let Philip Klipper’s Magic be your secret weapon too.

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