Show Types

Close-up Show

– This is a command performance and is designed for up to 50 guests. The show takes place at a table which is my stage. All guests gather around the table for a mesmerizing, memorable, magical and hilarious experience. This show can be rated PG for TV or R comedy club style.


Mingling Magic

– This style of magic is performed for larger groups and is up close and personal. This is a moving performance that can be done anywhere, anyplace, anytime. It doesn’t matter where your guests are since Philip Klipper’s Magic will always be in the center of all the action.


Stand Up Show

-This performance is a show that happens on a stage or in front of a room. Its designed for larger audiences usually more than 100 guests. Audience participation is a must and makes the performance fun and exciting that everyone will enjoy and talk about for months long after your event is over.